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Dr. Lugo has more than 28 years of experience in Clinical Toxicology, Medicine and Public Health Assessments. Additionally we have 15 years of international experience applying Public Health Assessment methodologies to investigate and assess communities and individuals living near industrial sites or with toxic environmental problems.

Dr. Lugo has participated in the assessment and treatment of more than 100,000 patients exposed to toxic substances. This includes heavy metals, petrochemicals, solvents, industrial and household chemicals, natural products, biological toxins, poisonous plants, insects, animals, marine toxins, pharmaceutical drugs and drugs of abuse, radiation, chemical biological and radiological warfare agents.

Our toxicologists guarantee thorough services and have native fluency in English and Spanish to better serve all customers. Hear more about our expertise or discuss possible issues of exposure by contacting our Davenport-Orlando, Florida toxicology consultants today. We are more than happy to provide our resumes and references for your peace of mind, as your satisfaction is our top concern.