Course Description

OCUPATOX is an intensive 3-day workshop on the management and treatment of victims exposed to toxic or hazardous materials. During the course we study and practice the methods of response to toxic emergencies, characteristics of chemical, biological and radiological toxic materials as well as handling the emergency treatment of HAZMAT victims. These skills are essential for the protection of the equipment and medical personnel, in addition to the rescue and recovery of victims, particularly during the early hours of accidents and industrial emergencies involving chemical, biological and radiological hazards.

The course instructors have over 25 years of international experience in response, management and treatment of victims exposed to toxic and hazardous materials. In addition, teachers are recognized environmental and occupational clinical toxicologist.

Course Objective

OCUPATOX is designed to increase and update the knowledge of Occupational Toxicology health staff and safety personnel working in companies that produce, use or transport chemicals or potentially toxic and dangerous products. This includes specialists in occupational medicine, doctors, nurses, health and safety personnel, HAZMAT emergency first responders, rescue workers and other personnel involved in the response of industrial toxic emergencies. In addition the course is designed to increase capacity for prevention of toxic exposures thus improving protection for health workers, and optimizing response methods to industrial toxic emergencies. During the course we will review modern concepts of Occupational Toxicology, Evaluation Methodology and Management of Occupational Toxic Hazards, mechanisms of toxicity, Major Groups of Toxic Industrial Substances, Clinical Cases, and Treatment of Victims. In addition we will review Epidemiological Surveillance Programs in an occupational setting, Industrial Chemical Accidents, and Preparedness and Response to Toxic Emergency.


The principal speaker is Dr. Andres Lugo, native fluency in English and Spanish and will teach the course in Spanish. Dr. Lugo is a medical toxicologist with PhD studies in Toxicology at the University of Minnesota, USA and is the Regional Director of AHLS ​​( Advanzed Hazmat Life Support ) for Mexico and Latin America. He has over 25 years of experience in clinical, environmental and occupational toxicology, as well as health and safety, and risk assessment and management of communities and individuals exposed to hazardous substances.

For further information or to schedule a course please contact Maricarmen Ramirez

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