TOXICORP                                                                                             Environmental & Occupational Clinical Toxicology

Serving USA, Mexico & Latin America since 1994

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Risk Assessment & Management

At TOXICORP we evaluate human health issues related to environmental and occupational exposure to toxic substances. Because of the depth and breadth of our expertise, our team of health scientists are able to effectively respond with scientifically sound and cost-effective solutions for a diverse array of challenges facing our clients. We work with industrial corporations, businesses, law firms, and government agencies to provide Environmental and Occupational Clinical Toxicology consulting services, exposure assessment, product safety and risk assessment at a local and international level.

Our team of scientists have years of national and international experience working with Toxic Substances in Occupational and Environmental settings. This includes Pharmaceutical Drugs and Consumer Products. In addition we have years of experience in Civil and Criminal cases involved in Law Suits, Environmental Torts, Class Actions, Court Deposition and death penalty mitigation. Our clients include Fortune 500 corporations, including Mining and Smelting, Petrochemical, Agricultural and Chemical Industries.

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We perform expert risk assessment analysis and implement risk management plans on communities and individuals exposed to Industrial Chemicals, Natural Substances and Consumer Products.

We Specialize in

Legal issues related to Toxicology

  • Mining and Smelter Co. 
  • Industrial Chemical Co.  Environmental Torts
  • Litigation Support Chronic Environmental and Occupational Exposures
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Management
  • International Toxicology Issues Related Human Exposures to Toxic Substances; Air, Soil and Water Contamination
  • Environmental and Occupational Exposures Side Effects from Industrial Chemicals
  • Consumer Product Problems
  • General Regarded as Safe (GRAS)
  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Criminal Cases, & Drug Abuse
  • Capital Punishment Cases